A Construction Certificate (CC) is to show compliance of the construction plans and specifications with the relevant standards (e.g. Building Code of Australia); Consistency of the construction plans and specifications with the development consent; and Finalisation of all conditions of the development consent requiring compliance. 
A construction certificate is required after development consent is issued and before any building work is carried out. Building work means any physical activity and includes site preparation such as excavation and/or the removal of trees, and/or the erection of a building including alterations and additions.
A construction certificate is not required for complying development where building details are covered by a Complying Development Certificate (CDC).
A construction certificate can be applied for once detailed plans (i.e. for construction), specifications and/or engineering details have been prepared.

There are two options for lodging an application:

1. A construction certificate can be applied for at the same time as lodging a development application. This would be applicable for most development proposals where consideration of the development application is unlikely to require modification to the construction drawings and the level of detail of plans and specifications is sufficient to enable endorsement for construction. 

2. An application can be lodged after development consent has been obtained. This option would be more suitable for complex proposals.

What information is required with a Construction Certificate application?

Detailed plans and building specifications are required to determine if the proposed building will comply with the development consent and relevant building codes.
An owner-builder seeking approval for residential work that exceeds $10,000 must apply for a permit from the Department of Fair Trading A copy of the permit must be supplied with the application.
Licensed builders undertaking residential work exceeding $20,000 must obtain home warranty insurance. 
A copy of the insurance certificate must be supplied with the application or prior to the first critical stage inspection taking place.

Who can issue a Construction Certificate?
Application can be made for a construction certificate to be issued by the Council or by a Private accredited Certifier. 

Before any building works commence, a Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) must be appointed and council given at least two days notice of the intention to commence building work. 
The role of the PCA is to ensure that the building work has been carried out in accordance with the development consent and relevant building regulations. It is also the responsibility of the PCA to ensure that any required compliance certificates are provided and that an occupation certificate is issued prior to the development/building being occupied.

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