I will need to have a detailed Site Survey ( by a registered Surveyor ) to determine the site dimensions and the levels of the ground in relation to the AHD ( Australian Height Datum ) Then I will be able to draw your building and development proposal onto the Site Plan for the Working Architectural Drawings.

When you have decided on the plan layout you wish to proceed with, then I will be able to also draw this as part of the Working Architectural Drawings. Working Architectural Drawings comprise of: a drawing showing the site plan indicating location of the proposed development on the land, a section through the building and elevations showing heights and building material finishes.
I will also be compiling the Specifications, Character Statement and Environmental Impact Statements and Basix certificate. 

  • A BASIX Certificate will have to be completed. This is something I offer as part of my business. BASIX is one of the strongest sustainable planning measures to be undertaken in Australia. It aims to make all residential dwelling types in NSW energy and water efficient. It encourages you to reduce your energy use through specific design strategies for lighting, heating, cooling, and ventilation. BASIX is implemented under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act. And applies to all residential dwelling types and is part of the development application process in NSW. BASIX also aims to reduce water and energy consumption in homes across NSW. These environmental outcomes also provide a long term financial saving for the home owner – and a valuable contribution to the sustainable future of our communities.
  • The BASIX Certificate is valid for 3 months. If the submission to Council is delayed in that time frame, the BASIX Certificate would have to be revised and reprinted and this will incur an additional fee etc.

A Development Application (DA) is a request for permission to carry out proposed development. This is a set of forms and the drawings etc submitted to the Council for approval. 
Once the Development is approved, A Construction Certificate is required after development consent is issued and before any building work is carried out. 

If Complying Development is required, either the Council or a Private Certifier can be employed to provide the approval and inspections etc. 

A Complying Development Certificate (CDC) is a form of approval appropriate for many types of minor or routine development which have a minor impact, but have not been specifically declared as exempt development under the provisions of Legislation and the State Environmental Planning Policy also Exempt Complying Development Codes State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008, State Environmental Planning Policy (Affordable Rental Housing) 2009, State Environmental Planning Policy (Infrastructure) 2007.

Complying development is completed under a separate process to a development consent and construction certificate. Approvals are limited to certain locations and must be carried out in accordance with pre-determined standards and conditions. Most complying development for residential and rural properties will be carried out under the State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008 property’s zoning will determine which code within the document to use. However, some properties are restricted from doing complying development due to certain attributes of the property such as, but not limited to, high level bushfire prone areas, acid sulfate soils or particular environmentaly sensitive zones. 

They can assist with all areas of building certification, including construction certificates, complying development certificates, building inspections and occupancy certificates. 

Please refer to the information regarding this in the section on this website.

I will not be allowing for the Council’s fees in my Estimate therefore you will need to contact the Council and find out the DA and CC fees ( or Complying Development fees if applicable ) You will be required to pay these fees to me via a personal Cheque ( or Bank Cheque ) written out to the Council for me to submit with the Application on your behalf. The Council can provide this as a Quote and then email this to you. Please print this out and present it to me with the Council’s cheque and the signed forms so I can submit them on your behalf. If you will be employing a ‘Private Certifier’ in preference to the Council being the PCA ( certifying Authority ) you MUST inform the Council so they will allow this in their quote.

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