Definition of ‘floor space ratio’

The floor space ratio is a development standard which is referenced in clauses in a Local Environmental Plan (LEP) and controls the bulk and scale of buildings.

The floor space ratio of buildings on a site is the ratio of the gross floor area of all buildings within the site to the site area.

Floor space ratio objectives

 (a)   to establish standards for the maximum development density and intensity of land use,
(b)   to control building density and bulk in relation to site area in order to achieve the desired future character for different     locations,
(c)  to minimize adverse environmental effects on the use or enjoyment of adjoining properties and the public domain,
(d)  to maintain an appropriate visual relationship between new development and the existing character of areas or locations that are not undergoing, and are not likely to undergo, a substantial transformation,
(e)  to provide an appropriate correlation between the size of a site and the extent of any development on that site,
(f)    to facilitate design excellence by ensuring the extent of floor space in building envelopes leaves generous space for the articulation and modulation of design,
(g)   to ensure that the floor space ratio of buildings on land in Zone R1 General Residential reflects Council’s desired building envelope,
(h)   to encourage lot amalgamation and new development forms in Zone R1 General Residential with car parking below ground level.

Calculating floor space ratio 

To calculate the floor space ratio for your development, you will need to know: 

• The site area 
• The Gross Floor Area (GFA) of the development (this is defined in the Dictionary of the LEP) 
• The allowable floor space ratio for the site which is identified on the Floor Space Ratio Map of the LEP 
The floor space ratio is the ratio of the GFA of a development to the site area expressed as a factor of 1. This is the total floor area on all levels of the building minus any exclusions provided for in the definition of GFA, divided by the site area. 

For example:

• Site area – 600m2 
• GFA – 300m2 
• Calculation – 300m2 divided by 600m2 = 0.5 
• This provides for a floor space ratio of 0.5:1 

example No 2
The Site area of our development is: 410m2 and the overall Building area ( excluding the double Carport and Decks ) is: 195m2 
You get 195m2 divided by 410m2 = 0.475 ( which is good ) therefore anything under 50% = 0.50 is good

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