In order to be ‘fair’ in business practices, we believe that a business dealing should be fair between the Client and our Practice. In recognition to that this, we require a ‘FIRST SITE MEETING FEE’. 

This is also part of Rotary International’s ‘4 way test’. Fair to all means that for you the Client get the BEST of service from us and we in return are conducting a quality service to you at an affordable price. This fee is expected to be paid at our first meeting.

Some of the other Building Designers can advertise no call out charges, but then the first call out costs are written in an estimate or if they are not successful at winning your business, they have lost valuable time, travelling expenses and also given away valuable free advise and Architectural design ideas.

The first site meeting will allow for: 

• Travelling to and from your property

• Up to an hour to discuss your Concept and ideas

• Professional Building advise regarding construction, Council Codes and the BCA codes, 
( Building Codes of Australia … the Law )

• Possible idea discussion of your design or improvements to your design if required

Fee charge for this FIRST SITE MEETING
Gosford Council Area = $80

Wyong Council Area = $100

Newcastle Area = $130 ( available mostly on a Wednesday Fortnightly Basis )

If you don’t have any existing plans of your property and house etc, a further site meeting might have to be arranged for me to measure this and hence another payment will be required. 

So if you can obtain an accurate copy of your existing house plans etc ( by either searching through your Deeds, or calling Council and getting them to email you a set ) this will help keep your future costs down. 

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